Udyan Biomatrix Pvt Ltd

Agriculture is ever challenged by ever increasing population which is estimated to touch 9 billion by 2050. To provide food security and feeding to these growing population, farmers/ growers have to enhance the yield potential of the crops by 70 to 100 %. Enhancing yields by doubling the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and water components may not be the matching solution to the problem. The huge application of these fertilizers might deteriorate soil fertility faster with much economic implications and further damage our water, air and soil resources.Bio-inputs and organic pesticides can provide apt solution to this problem through eco-friendly and economical in nature.. The potential of natural bio based inputs needs to be explored together with precision farming practices. Udyan Biomatrix Pvt. Ltd. has been working with green concept towards green revolution and self sustainability of the farming community through its organic mission for farmer’s prosperity.

UDYAN BIOMATRIX PRIVATE LIMITED is a research based agri-hort-biotech and bio-input manufacturing organization based in Bidar, Karnataka. The organization is focused on organic farming solution through its unique manufacturing and formulations of growth promoters, bio-pesticides, bio-fertilizers, natural stimulants, moisture conserving gel etc. Our unique products helps to enhance the soil fertility and soil nutrient uptake, reduce the pre dropping of flowers and fruits, improves soil moisture capacity and increases yield potential of the crops. We are assisted by highly qualified techno experts by virtue of which able to deliver the quality products to the farming community.

UDYAN BIOMATRIX PVT. LId. has its own full fledge laboratory and scientific formulating unit with research and development centre that helps to maintain the quality standards of the product.

Our Vission

“Bringing Excellency in sustainable and biological farming practices and
products through quality, innovation, trust and committed services to the farming horizons”

Our Mission

“To be promoter and partner in providing hi-tech biological solutions for sustainable farming production and protection of environment, food security and self sufficiency by utilizing existing natural resources “


Our Awards

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